Day of Caring

Our Day of Caring was held June 21.  We had two projects and 19 volunteers to complete them.  Our supplies were funded by Kimberley Clark Depend brand.



The critical component of volunteer project success is the donation of materials (that was made possible with the donation from Kimberly Clark's Depend brand grant) for the participant to use in the construction of these projects.  It is infinitely easier to find volunteer labor than it is to acquire the supplies to accomplish the tasks proposed.  ROB McCULLOCH-Ramp component researcher and building volunteer




What a fantastic event! Working with a group of volunteers to help build a handicap ramp for one of our community veterans was such a rewarding experience. My 5 and 11 year old sons came along to help and I was very proud to see them work so hard for such a great cause. It was a long day, but when 5:00 came and the ramp wasn’t quite done yet, it was my 11 year old who asked if we could stay for a few more hours to make sure the ramp was completed for this gentleman and his wife. It was such a positive experience and a great way to give back to someone who gave years of his life to serve our country. ANDI STRUZNIK, Treasurer for UW Butte & Anaconda 


“It was a great opportunity to have my whole team involved in an organization that I support year round and to show them how they can make a difference in our community,” Jenean Kujawa, Secretary for UW of Butte/Anaconda