Diversity, Equality and Inclusion


Our mission is to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities to advance the common good.

To do so we must not tolerate racism, bigotry, hatred, bullying, shaming, violence or domination over others in our communities. 

Our caring for all communities must lead us to seek solidarity with those communities that have been impacted by recent violence and the effect on individuals that have been and continue to be marginalized.

As we strive to be a leader and catalyst for community change in the business of caring for others, we seek others to join us in our mission.  We will seek diversity, equality and inclusion within the other non-profits we support and within our organization during our own community events. Positive actions will produce positive results.

This year our agencies are impacting 3,790 individuals, distributed as follows:


     American Indian/Alaskan Native -- 5%

     Asian/Pacific Islander -- 1%

     Hispanic -- 3%

     White -- 82%

     Black -- 1%

     Other -- 8%


     Female -- 75%

     Male -- 25%

Of these, 50% are disabled


     Children -- 1,756

     Youth -- 269

     Young Adults -- 73

     Adults -- 1066

     Seniors -- 626


     Less than 50% of median income -- 67%

     Over 50% but less than 80% of median income -- 25%

     Over 80% of median income -- 8%

Together we can all Live United.