Wine Women and Song

Don't forget about Wine, Women and Song on November 9, from 6:30 to 9:00.

The entertainment will be:

Judy and the Devine Bovines

Who ARE The Divine Bovines?  

The Divine Bovines are a product of the creative imagination of Judy Williams who was raised in White Sulphur Springs, Montana, the middle child of a musical family. She played bass guitar and sang with popular country bands for several years in the Spokane, Washington and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho area prior to moving home to Montana in 1986. She continues to provide entertainment with dance music and laugh-filled variety shows. Her motto is: "If it isn't fun, I'm probably not doing it".

In 1987 she married a Broadwater County Rancher, Tom Williams, and is actively involved in the ranch located between Toston and Radersburg, They raise beef cattle and hay on a portion of the ranch established by his grandfather who arrived in Montana in 1889.  She observes the cows - and then her keen sense of humor and her musical ability kick in as she writes hilarious parodies "from the cows' point of view". 

From start to finish, these CDs present a picture of Judy Williams and her talents as a singer, writer, musician and desktop publisher.  She recorded and produced 4 CDs in their entirety in her basement, using a multi-track recorder.  As the sole performer on the CDs, she played all the background music and sang all the vocals, including 4-part harmonies. The production of the CDs was accomplished through her desktop publishing business she calls Little Prints Charming. She designed and produced all the promotional material as well.

What started as a whim has become nearly a full-time job as she continues to write and record cow-tunes and provide live entertainment for various conventions and events. Her live performances are hilarious.  The lyrics are funny, and the antics of Judy and her friend, Carla Ahern, capture the audience with laughter as the ranch stories are told in vivid and descriptive detail.

Judy is completely at home in the beautiful Crow Creek Valley, surrounded by good neighbors and friends, children and grandchildren. She is a member of the Broadwater CattleWomen. As the writer/director of the Townsend Rotary Club Annual Variety Show and the founder of the now-famous Dixie and The Cup Sisters, she continues to delight audiences in Broadwater County, Montana and surrounding areas.

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