Funding Local Programs



Big Brothers Big Sisters of Silver Bow

Jordynn and Keegan have been matched at West Elementary since September 2018. When not working on schoolwork, they enjoy playing in the gym together and playing outside. Keegan enjoys having Jordynn at school to have fun with. Jordynn shared that Keegan is loving and energetic. 

Attn: Laci Peck Ridder
          PO Box 62
          65 E Broadway
          Butte, MT 59711


Butte 4 C’s

Positive Parenting

Here is a picture of our Family Services Eligibility Supervisor Carlyne Johnson helping a client with our Best Beginnings Scholarship program! This is just one of the programs the 4 C’s provides to help families and children in our 6 country region!  We help childcare providers with their professional     development, we help new providers get licensed through the state of MT.  We help providers get on the CACFP child and adult food program and we have many  other programs!  We have Safe Care, Supervised Visitation, Positive Parenting classes, a Connecting Families program and Zero to Five PLUS even more! 

Butte Community Council - School Readiness

The 4-C’s Butte Community Council is focused on fostering family and child health and well-being.  Through our partnership with the Butte School District, Ramsay School District and the Central School District we are able to successfully coordinate kindergarten screenings for incoming kindergarten students at each school’s kindergarten roundup activities in the spring.

Attn: Terri Amberg
         101 N Main St
         Butte, MT 59711


Copper Village Museum and Arts Center


Opportunities for education or participation in the arts are limited for the youth of Anaconda and surrounding areas.  Programs such as the Open Theatre Project are preventive in nature.  An    important  outcome of a theatre education is the development of self-esteem and confidence within the young participant.  The pride taken from a quality production and impressive performance ,which are noted and commented upon by peers and teachers, contributes to increased confidence and self-worth.

Attn:  Suzanne Konicek
          11437 MT Hwy1
         Anaconda, MT 59711


The Butte Literacy Program, Inc.

The Butte Literacy Program, Inc. is a small but mighty organization that helps area adults earn their high school equivalency diplomas.  As of this month, we have had 119 students enroll in the program.  We can boast of 13 graduates and a testing success rate of 96%.  This is a picture of what has been a yearly holiday celebration that the Board of Directors hosts for students and tutors.

Attn: Tenny Hammond
         P.O. Box 244
         Butte, MT 59703

Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming 

G.I.R.L.S. = Go-getters, Innovators, Risk-takers and Leaders!   

 As a girl-focused and girl–led organization, Girl Scouts are empowered to take charge, learn how-to use good judgement to make decisions, and know the power of supportive teamwork.  We offer the Girl Scout Leadership Experience program to engage girls in positive behaviors with strong adult role  models , peer programing and mentoring activities.

Attn:  Holly Nez
          2303  Grand Ave
          Billings MT 59102

Region IV Family Outreach, Inc.

Family Outreach Family Education and Support

Our focus is to teach families how to teach skills to children and adults with special needs. We work hard to ensure that children and adults in our program have the same opportunities that    all Montanans have in education, in the community , in friendships and in life.

Attn:  Jackie Mohler
          1236 Helena Ave
         Helena, MT 59711



Anaconda Community Intervention, Inc

Anaconda Rotary Foundation, Inc.

A community-based program to help victims of domestic violence, living in Deer Lodge  County, escape violence and start a new life. We hope to educate the community about the issue of domestic violence and send a message to abusers that the behavior will no longer be tolerated.

Attn: Ed Silverstein
         Anaconda Rotary Club
         Anaconda MT 59711

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Silverbow

Community Based Mentoring

Most of the children served by Big Brothers Big Sisters are at high risk of developing emotional, behavioral, social and delinquency problems.  Primarily a prevention program, Community- Based Mentoring is designed to meet the needs of youth struggling with the above issues by matching him or her with a Big Brother or Big Sister.

Attn: Laci Peck Ridder
          65 E Broadway
          Butte, MT 59711


YES - Youth Empowerment Services

YES assists youth in developing skills needed to be successful as adults-focusing on life skills, work skills, healthy relationships, healthy recreation and the arts. We stress developing skills of daily living  (many of our youth have to be taught basic skills such as cleaning, nutrition, cooking and hygiene), developing strong and positive work skills and ethics. And  developing healthy recreation activities that do no include the use of electronics.

Attn:  Karen McCarthy
          PO Box 686
         Anaconda, MT 59711

Public Housing Authority of Butte's Resident Council

Senior Activities Program

The Resident Council want to make sure senior residents living in public housing are able to age-in-place for as long as possible. The Council is aware that human services and community issues are related.  By offering the Senior  Activities Program, the residents are  receiving mental and emotional stimulation so they are more able to cope with loneliness.

Attn:  Clarisa Hogart
          220 Curtis St
          Butte, MT 59701


Anaconda Ministerial Project Care

Project Care helps to provide a means for people, in need,  to receive food, emergency transportation, medicine, meals and other emergencies

Attn: Tina Masters
         401 Alder
         Anaconda, MT 59711

Community, Counseling and Correctional Services

Discovery House

The Covid restrictions have been difficult for everyone but our students have taken it all in stride. They were diligent about completing their studies and enjoyed a wide range of arts and crafts. We spent a lot of time outdoors hiking trails, mining for crystals and spending time at the park. It had allowed for a lot of positive activities despite the wearing of masks and social distancing. Our kids are       resilient and we are proud of how well they’ve handled themselves during this season.

Attn: Tina Masters
        65 Sheep Gulch Road
        Anaconda, MT 59711

Butte Family YMCA

YMCA Summer Day Camp/Sunshine Camp

The YMCA Summer Day Camp is designed to spark imagination and build confidence,  independence and communication skills. Aside from intentional activities where children are divided into age groups and sometimes  areas of interest, our campers will be seen attending and participating in local events all around the Butte community.

Attn: Phillip Borup
        2975 Washoe
        Butte, MT 59711