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We want to thank the volunteers who helped with our Stone Soup event.  With the ingredients they provided and their help in the kitchen, we were able to... More +
If you are ordering from Amazon during this holiday season, you can donate to United Way by using Amazon Smile. The website is: When you... More +
Don't forget about Wine, Women and Song on November 9, from 6:30 to 9:00. The entertainment will be: Judy and the Devine Bovines Who ARE The Divine... More +
The third area that our donations in 2016-2017 funded is Assisting Families Gain Financial Strength (4,147 individuals) Programs:- Anaconda Ministerial... More +
Our donations in 2016-2016 also funded programs in "Improving the Health of Individuals (1,287 individuals)."-  - Western MT Mental Health Center -... More +
Donations received in 2016-20017 allowed us to support 15 local agencies programs and host five community events.   Educating our Youth included: - Big... More +
Our next event will be Wine, Women and Song. It will be a wine tasting event to raise funds to help fund the United Way Events we hold throughout the year... More +
Our Dress a Child Event was a great success. We were able to provide clothing to 186 children to help them begin the school year equal to other students.... More +
United Way of Butte and Anaconda has completed the four requirements to continue its membership in United Way Worldwide.

What United Way Does

We unite our communities in assessing and addessing our most vital human needs and to strengthen our collective ability to care for one another.  United Way of Butte and Anaconda serves both communities and individual agencies within each community.

Believe in community!

When you give to United Way of Butte and Anaconda...It stays Local.

United Way recruits people and organizations that bring the passion, expertise and resources we need to get things done.  Our focus is on Education, Income and Health - the building blocks for a good quality of life.  We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and rely heavily on community volunteers for the success of our programs.

United Way of Butte and Anaconda uses a two pronged approach to impact our communities.  The first prong is financial support for local non-profits who focus on serving those most in need of a hand up within our midst.  The second prong is our sponsored Community Events.  These events help low-income families dress their children, provide physical help with homeowner projects and sponsor fun, educational events for children and senior citizens.

Those who Ask Receive

When you Give they Receive

If not...They don't

Our goals for 2015-2016 include an 18% increase in donor support, 20% increase in the number of volunteers and a 40% increase in individuals impacted through our agencies' and community programs.